Chamber choir Key Ensemble – Finnish professional choir

Established in 2005, Key Ensemble is one of the few professional choirs in Finland. Hailing from Turku, the chamber choir has a central role in performing vocal music in its local region, but it has established itself as an important performer in the entire Finnish choral scene. Key Ensemble is well-known for its full and dynamic sound. The choir’s repertoire is a diverse and creative combination of everything from Renaissance pieces to modern vocal works. Depending on the program, the ensemble varies from small vocal groups to a full chamber choir.

Key Ensemble has recorded seven albums, many of them receiving international recognition and winning awards, such as the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) and Finland’s choral recording of the year. In the last few years, Key Ensemble has published an interesting and diverse collection of audiovisual recordings on its YouTube channel.

Key Ensemble hosts its own concerts but is also a regular performer in many Finnish festivals like the Savonlinna Opera Festival, Turku Music Festival, Naantali Music Festival, Korsholm Music Festival, Kauniainen Music Festival, LuostoClassic, Tampereen Sävel Vocal Music Festival, Pellinge Festival, Organ Night & Aria Festival, Tammisaari Summer Concerts, and Music by the Sea.

Jutta Seppinen started as Key Ensemble’s artistic director in August 2022.

The first artistic director of Key Ensemble was Ulf Långbacka, and the choir’s long-time artistic director Teemu Honkanen worked with the choir until 2021. Jutta Seppinen has been the choir’s artistic director since 2022. Over the years, the choir has also worked with many guest conductors, including Saara Aittakumpu, Atso Almila, Justin Doyle, Heinz Holliger, Elisa Huovinen, Matti Hyökki, Pasi Hyökki, Hannu Lintu, George Parris, Krzysztof Penderecki, Leif Segerstam, Jan Söderblom, Kari Turunen, and Visa Yrjölä.

Reaching outside of Finland, the choir has performed in Sweden, Estonia and Luxembourg. On a large tour in 2019, the choir performed in China’s many leading concert halls. The Finnish National Broadcasting Company Yle has been one of Key Ensemble’s most important partners for many years. Together with Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the choir has also performed at the Helsinki Music Centre.

Key Ensemble’s main sponsors are the City of Turku and Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taiteen edistämiskeskus).