Chamber choir Key Ensemble’s artistic director Jutta Seppinen

Seppinen’s debut as a conductor was with Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra. Since then, she has conducted most of the orchestras in Finland, including Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. She has also been an assistant conductor both in Savonlinna Opera Festival and Finnish National Opera.

Seppinen is a founding member and artistic director of the multidisciplinary art group CHANGEnsemble. CHANGEnsemble finds its way to art that has a message and meaning. Seppinen also has a long work history as a choir conductor. She is well known for her open-minded approach to planning concert programmes. Often, the traditional concert concept is shaken and taken into a new direction. Since 2009, Seppinen has been the artistic director of Akademiska damkören Lyran. She will be leaving this position in December 2022.

Seppinen started her work as Key Ensemble’s artistic director in August 2022.

Seppinen is an accomplished mezzo-soprano who is specialised in performing modern classical music. She is interested in electroacoustic and experimental vocal art that can be combined with her work as a conductor. Seppinen has premiered several pieces that have been written for her and she has collaborated with several composers and ensembles. In 2020, Seppinen released a solo album in which she performs Heinz-Juhani Hofmann’s monologue opera “Ihmissydän”, Hofmann’s composition for her.

picture: Cata Portin